What are the Review’s recommendations?

The Review’s primary recommendation is to develop all regulation, within and across entities, against five Principles for Internal Regulation. The Review includes a further 134 specific recommendations spanning 22 areas of regulation.

The Review noted that recommendations likely to yield the greatest reduction in regulation are those that propose:

  • removing requirements for baseline security clearances for ongoing staff, relying instead on basic employment screening (21.5)
  • reducing unnecessary and duplicated information collection processes, compliance certification, evaluations of external law firms under the Legal Services Directions and the Harradine motion for reporting on file titles (4.4, 8.4, 8.5, 13.1)
  • reducing duplicated work by moving to online, continuously updated reporting on contracts, grants, consultancies and appointments, and enabling users to analyse the data and generate reports (8.5, 8.6)
  • reducing printing and design costs by moving to electronic tabling in Parliament, and reducing requirements for government documents that continue to be tabled in Parliament in hard copy (12.2)
  • streamlining investment and assurance processes to focus on higher risk projects and removing processes that encourage a ‘check-a-box’ mentality (3.1-3.9)
  • streamlining and reducing property, fraud and financial reporting requirements, with particular emphasis on benefits to small entities (2.3, 2.6, 6.2, 10.2)
  • better targeting of ICT benchmarking to focus on heavy users of ICT, and gathering minimal data from lighter ICT users (7.8)
  • clarifying mandatory requirements and better practice suggestions in guidance (1.5-1.9, 2.5, 22), and
  • encouraging the creation of sample templates, processes, contracts and guidelines for lower and higher risk activities and functions, particularly for internal processes for procurement and human resources (1.5, 5 generally,11.2, 22).

See the visual below:

Specific recommendations for each area of regulation are in Volume 2 of the Review.

Questions relating to specific recommendations should be addressed to the entity detailed in each recommendation.

Who agreed to the recommendations of the Review?

The Review was presented to the Secretaries Committee on Transformation and Secretaries Board in September and October 2015. The Secretaries endorsed the report, noting that some recommendations require consideration by Government.