What are the Review’s findings?

The Independent Review of Whole-of-Government Internal Regulation (the Review) found opportunities to remove regulatory inhibitors to public sector agility, collaboration and innovation, in both whole-of-government internal regulation and internal processes within entities. The whole-of-government themes which emerged in the course of the Review include:

  • Overregulation;
  • Inefficient regulation;
  • Unclear and inaccessible regulation and guidance;
  • A culture of risk aversion; and
  • Impact on smaller entities.

The Review also found that small entities are most impacted by the compliance burden, to the detriment of their primary purposes.

Addressing these areas provides the opportunity to improve public sector agility and culture. To ensure these benefits are maintained the Review’s primary recommendation is to develop all regulation, within and across entities, against five Principles for Internal Regulation.

These Principles require regulation to be:

  • the minimum needed to achieve whole-of-government or entity outcomes
  • proportional to the risks to be managed and supportive of a risk-based approach
  • coherent across government and not duplicative
  • designed in consultation with stakeholders for clarity and simplicity in application, and
  • reviewed periodically to test relevance and impact.