Streamlining and Automating International Travel

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

In late 2015, as part of the Corporate Network Reform Programme, the international travel process was identified as an area for reducing red tape by simplifying, streamlining and standardising the manual process. The review recommended a self-service workflow as the key improvement. The Digital Strategy & Operations Division, International and Strategic Engagement Team and the Overseas Travel Team worked in collaboration to develop an online travel system designed for more efficient planning and approval of international travel.

The new online system went live at the end of March 2016. The new process ensures the department has a consistent, consolidated and centralised approach to international engagement and a streamlined approach for the creation and approval of international travel plans and related trips.

There will be a number of benefits deriving from the new online system:

·         Streamlined process through an automated workflow including approval of travel;

·         Transparency of the link between proposed international travel and the international priorities of the department;

·         Visibility of proposed forward 12 months of international engagements;

·         Reliable and consistent capture and reporting of data; and

·         Cost savings with the ability to make travel arrangements early.

Feedback on the new system has been overwhelmingly positive, with users confirming the changes have made the overall process easier and more transparent.