Reducing red tape - streamlining internal policies and instructions

Australian Taxation Office

The ATO retired its former overly-prescriptive, ‘hard to use’ and complex internal policies called Corporate Management Practice Statements and Instructions. These have been replaced with short, sharp, modern, contemporary and ‘easy to use’ Chief Executive Instructions.

This has helped us to reduce significant red tape. The former 178 Corporate Management Practice Statements and Instructions of approximately 1300 pages have been replaced with 55 sets of Chief Executive Instructions totalling less than 200 pages, with each document averaging three to four pages.

We have also developed more modern and easily accessible ways for staff to find out about their obligations. This has included the development of short policy videos, with 18 already available.

Conflict of Interest policy

One example of this is the policy on conflict of interest.  Before the streamlining, the policy was contained in 3 documents totalling 26 pages.  This was reduced to 1 document of 4 pages. The video on the conflict of interest policy can be found at this link.

Australian Taxation Office Video Link