Rebels meet for some Red Tape Reflections!

the Governance Reform team (Department of Finance)

(27 October 2017)

On 15 September 2017, a Red Tape Rebels event was held at the Department of Finance One Canberra Avenue building. The event was attended by representatives from different entities, who came together to reflect on the red tape reduction activities within their department.

The event involved a panel discussion, which featured senior representatives from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Public Service Commission, Attorney General’s Department and Department of Finance, as well as a presentation of relevant data from the 2017 APS Employee Census and a ‘table hack’ event.

The panel session consisted of Kerryn Vine-Camp (APSC), Sam Volker (PM&C), Andrew Rice (AGD), and Stein Helgeby (Finance). Discussions provided insights into some of the achievements and ongoing challenges regarding red tape within these entities and the APS. Attendees had the opportunity to ask panel members a variety of questions, with discussions covering a range of whole-of-government and entity achievements to date.

The second component of the day, the table hack, commenced with a presentation from Jacqui Cristiano from the APSC. The presentation provided practical insights into APS staff views around red tape reduction from the 2017 APS Employee Census. The presentation set the scene for table discussions and a table hack process where an online electronic polling system was used to seek further views and ideas from attendees. The results of table discussions were consolidated online and live streamed within the room to provide further awareness on how red tape challenges can continue to be identified and overcome.

As always, it was great to see so many APS entities working in collaboration to tackle a common problem and move us a step closer to overcoming the challenges of red tape in the APS.

The report provided below analyses the data shared and collected on the day and outlines some key observations for ongoing action. The infographic captures red tape data across the APS, as reflected in the 2017 APS Employee Census.

If you would like to know more, please get in contact with your entity’s Red Tape Rebel.