Launch of the Red Tape Rebels network

Kayelle Drinkwater, Accountability Projects (Department of Finance)

(29 November 2016) It is with great pleasure that I announce the Red Tape Rebels group was launched last Thursday. Building on the previous Red Tape Champions network, the Red Tape Rebels are the next evolution of a key band of managers determined to reduce red tape and change the culture of the APS.

Red Tape Rebels

Let me start with a definition. Red Tape Rebels: a group of senior managers committed to influencing, promoting and driving the implementation of the Principles for the Reduction of Internal Red Tape within their entity.

How does the group interact with our Red Tape Network? Take a look:

Red Tape Rebels - how does it work?

After a call for nominations in November, we now have representatives from 26 entities with a shared desire to remove unnecessary, ineffective or inefficient internal regulation and change our way of thinking so it doesn’t reappear. This includes entities large and small, from the Australian Taxation Office to Geoscience Australia, from IP Australia to the Department of Health. Find out who’s who here.

At our first Red Tape Rebels event at the Department of Finance, we brought the rebels together to discuss the red tape problem, what the Rebels can do about it and set the scene for a red tape busting 2017. It was clear from even this first meeting that pooling our experiences with red tape in our entities can go a long way to tackling it across the whole of government. It was very gratifying to hear Rebels arranging to exchange relevant materials – just what networks are for!

I very much look forward to future events with this group and to making great strides in ensuring that red tape is reduced and does not reappear.

If you’re keen to get involved, know someone who’d make a great addition as a Red Tape Rebel or as part of the Red Tape Network, drop us a line here so you don’t miss out on future events.

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