Finance’s People and Projects Office: Assisting in Red Tape Reduction

Accountability Projects (Department of Finance)

(7 December 2016) This week, we have a guest post from Finance’s People and Project Office, as an example of reducing red tape through combining and rationalising multiple templates. Take it away guys:

In developing the One Way of Managing Projects in Finance, the People and Projects Office (PPO) worked closely with various business areas across the department to collate all of the project management templates, guidance materials and methodology that were being used. The PPO then reviewed and refined these documents and subsequently reduced the project management templates and guidance documents that support the ‘one-way’ project management framework.

In total, the PPO collected 95 different project management templates and reviewed each of these to develop a single suite of project management tools. The PPO undertook a rigorous process of reviewing the templates for common elements and engaging with the Project Management Office Working Group, comprising project practitioners from various business areas across the department, to determine a ‘fit for purpose’ suite of templates applicable across the diverse range of projects undertaken by Finance. Following the endorsement of these templates, the PPO has successfully reduced red tape by establishing the one-way suite comprising 22 templates. Of these 22 templates, only four are considered essential for use across all projects, with the additional ‘discretionary’ templates available for project practitioners depending on the complexity of their project.

As a result of this exercise, the PPO has been able to reduce the number of project management templates in use across the department by 73. The PPO continues to test and refine the project management templates as well as project management business practices.

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Is project management a source of red tape in your agency? Has your agency looked at better ways of using project management tools to reduce red tape?

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