Department of Finance

The Internal Red Tape Team

Staff consultation within the Department of Finance has identified lots of opportunities to reduce red tape. Initial changes addressing internal red tape that relate to Finance’s current practices include:

  • HR delegations – lowering a range of HR delegations to increase efficiencies and strengthen leadership and management capabilities at various levels.
  • corporate service delegations – lowering, or in many cases, removing approval delegations for many low risk standard corporate service requests (e.g. IT requests, phone services, relocation move requests).
  • SES compliance monitoring – will now incorporate a risk based approach that will see those SES who oversee higher risk functions undertaking quarterly surveys, along with a random sample of SES working on non high risk functions, with the remainder of SES being surveyed annually.
  • IT solutions – identification and replacement of cumbersome manual based processes with the implementation of end-to-end electronic processes e.g. domestic travel approvals.