APS collaboration in building Portfolio, Program and Project Management (P3M) capability

P3M Joint Project Team, Department of Finance and Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

(15 July 2016) In response to the recommendation of the Independent Review of Whole-of-Government Internal Regulation (Belcher Red Tape Review) to streamline and build agency program and project management capability, the Department of Finance (Finance) and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) have engaged with agency P3M practitioners and jointly delivered a number of quick wins to address the recommendation.

In the next few months, Finance, PM&C and the P3M Community of Practice will endeavour to promote and grow the network, generate discussions and linkages, and bed down the collaboration processes. Some of the quick wins achieved include:

P3M Community of Practice

The P3M Community of Practice (CoP) is an APS wide network of P3M practitioners who come together to share, learn and promote good portfolio, program and project management practices. The vision of the enhanced CoP is to build a collaborative knowledge sharing network of P3M practitioners to strengthen APS delivery capability and promote greater recognition by the APS.



While the CoP is a voluntary forum defined and sustained by the member community, senior executive sponsors from Finance and PM&C will provide strategic direction, identify opportunities and champion the CoP among other APS senior executives.

Membership is voluntary and open to permanent or non-ongoing APS staff. If you would like to be involved or want to find out more about the CoP, please send a message to p3mcop@finance.gov.au

Virtual P3M Centre of Excellence (VCoE)

The concept of a virtual P3M CoE is to ‘provide free exchange of APS focussed P3M advice; where professionals can connect and learn from each other, solutions can be developed to common challenges and P3M capability can be built across the APS’.



The VCoE will consist of a group of volunteer subject matter experts from across various government agencies. This group will provide examples of good practice frameworks and templates for use by the CoP. Targeted working groups may be established to tackle specific P3M challenges.

P3M Online

The P3M Online will use various online tools for the CoP members to interact and share P3M resources; social media and agency communication channels to promote and share information regarding relevant events and activities.