The First Cut

With this post I’m trying something new, trying a different approach, to talking about the age old problem –unnecessary red tape in the APS. Can we  challenge the way we deal with red tape?

Unnecessary red tape is the source of great frustration in our day to day work. I know that many of you struggle from red tape on a daily basis. The purpose of this website and blog is to encourage us all to try and change this. Personally, it would be great if my Executive Officer had less red-tape to talk to me about.

The recent release of Ms Barbara Belcher’s Independent Review of Whole-of-Government Internal Regulation has brought Red Tape back into the spotlight.

The review found that regulations are created for a myriad of reasons, sometimes legitimately, other times as a way of managing risk. Using red tape to deal with risk may not come as a surprise to you, but it may not the best way to manage risk.

The first step to quitting a habit is to admit to the problem. I admit that Finance, along with PM&C, APSC, and AGD, as the four big internal regulators, has a problem. The next step is to fix the problem, and that is what we are working to do.

Over the coming months, I invite you all to post anecdotes, lessons learned, and challenges you have been faced when tackling red tape.

This conversation isn’t just one way, we would like to hear from you about the red tape you encounter and ways it can be lessened or even removed. And I also encourage you to contact your Red Tape ‘Champion’ about red tape sightings.



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