Risk Management in the ANAO

(27 July 2016) The Auditor-General has published a new risk-management framework for the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) to strengthen its management practices and decision-making processes. Click here to access

Auditor-General, Grant Hehir said managing risk effectively was critical to the success of the ANAO in meeting its responsibilities.

‘Constructive subversion’: turning off workplace autopilot

(13 July 2016) A thought provoking article - Unthinking custom and practice is the enemy of innovation, and unless questioned, will maintain the status quo. Ethics Centre chief Simon Longstaff explains how constructive subversion can help public sector leaders shake things up.


Recommendation 12.2 of the Internal Review of Whole-of-Government Red Tape (Belcher Red Tape Review) relates to PM&C and Finance working with relevant entities and Parliament to develop a system for the electronic tabling of government documents (excluding legislation). The electronic tabling of annual reports, in particular, has been in the press lately, following the Institute of Public Administration Australia’s Annual Report Awards on 19 May.
Read one article that was in The Mandarin: Jane Halton: electronic annual reports are all we need now

It's like a jungle

Grandmaster Flash’s lyrics spring to mind when I consider our red tape challenge: ‘It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

600 hours on red tape
On average, public servants devote 600 hours each year complying with red tape processes. This is time spent on process rather than output. Imagine the impact on productivity and mention job satisfaction, if we could halve the time spent on red tape?

Ready to cut some red tape? Management shows how it can be done

So why would the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) try to tell staff how to drive a car? Why would the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) expect 8 forms to be filled out to put on an afternoon tea? Why would the Department of Finance (Finance)want 11 different steps taken to move a staff member from one office to another? Answer: no good reason at all – that’s unnecessary and badly designed regulation. It’s internal red tape and APS management agrees that it’s in the way of an innovative, flexible and streamlined APS and it has to go.

The First Cut

With this post I’m trying something new, trying a different approach, to talking about the age old problem –unnecessary red tape in the APS. Can we  challenge the way we deal with red tape?

Unnecessary red tape is the source of great frustration in our day to day work. I know that many of you struggle from red tape on a daily basis. The purpose of this website and blog is to encourage us all to try and change this. Personally, it would be great if my Executive Officer had less red-tape to talk to me about.