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(27 October 2017)
On 15 September 2017, a Red Tape Rebels event was held at the Department of Finance One Canberra Avenue building. The event was attended by representatives from different entities, who came together to reflect on the red tape reduction activities within their department.
(7 December 2016) This week, we have a guest post from Finance’s People and Project Office, as an example of reducing red tape through combining and rationalising multiple templates. Take it away guys:
(29 November 2016) It is with great pleasure that I announce the Red Tape Rebels group was launched last Thursday. Building on the previous Red Tape Champions network, the Red Tape Rebels are the next evolution of a key band of managers determined to reduce red tape and change the culture of the APS.


(27 July 2016) The Auditor-General has published a new risk-management framework for the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) to strengthen its management practices and decision-making processes. Click here to access

Auditor-General, Grant Hehir said managing risk effectively was critical to the success of the ANAO in meeting its responsibilities.

(13 July 2016) A thought provoking article - Unthinking custom and practice is the enemy of innovation, and unless questioned, will maintain the status quo. Ethics Centre chief Simon Longstaff explains how constructive subversion can help public sector leaders shake things up.